Spot Fake Beyblades

The FAKE Blades have a poor crappy plastic quality which easily bends or broke, also the FAKE Blade have a poor blurry quality of stickers, and same with the weight disk, its lighter then the real one, they give a random (8-Wide) Weight Disk, not the original one and its also Darker and don't have the shine on them, anyone can break the FAKE Weight Disk. The Beyblade's Engine Gear will be FAKE, they will give Driger G's Engine Gear with every Blade........

Now Time To Spot Fakes!

  • Real Blades have Takara or Hasbro Company Prints on them not TT Hongli.
  • Every Official Blade has a D-Rights logo, but TT Hongli don't have it.

MFB Fakes

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