Manga Guide

Volume 1

Tyson's on a mission to be the best Beyblader ever but his enemies, The Blade Sharks, are super tough and they will do anything to win! Tyson just might have what it takes to win when he busts out with a new Beyblade given to him by mysterious stranger. Now The Blade Sharks want his new Beyblade and they are prepared to use any dirty trick to get it!

Volume 2

Tyson's friend, Max, finds a flaw in his technique, but Tyson develops a new super shooting style just in time for the big Beyblade tournament. Will Tyson's Dragoon triumph over Kai's Dranzer?

Volume 3

Tyson has made it to the Beyblade Finals! he must use his Dragoon S Beyblade to defeat the mighty Ray and his Driger Beyblade. Ray's Beyblade turns out to have an incredible secret! but its not just his Beyblade that has a secret. We get to find out about Ray's past and what makes him such a fierce Beyblader.

Volume 4

Tyson has a passion for Beyblades and he is determined to be the best! but he is also a great guy who looks out for his friends and won't cheat to win. We follow him through his great triumphs and sad losses.
Tyson and his friends return from Japan to find that a tough Russian Beyblade group called the Demolition Boys aren't content just to win. They must also destroy their enemies Beyblades! can Tyson's Dragoon survive?! The cheif has a special plan is store for Ray and Tyson in the upcoming Beyblade world championship.

Volume 5

Tyson and his friends have made it to the Beyblade world championship! they must now Battle against the toughest Beybladers from all over the World. Americans, Brazilians, and Europeans all line up to challenge Tyson and Kai's team. But the competition is interrupted when the Russian team High-Jacks the championship and challenges everyone to a competition on their own remote Island! Then Someone from Tyson's past shows up to give him a super Beyblade. Will it give him an edge over his new competitors?.

Volume 6

Tyson has a passion for Beyblades and he's determined to be the best! But he's also a great guy who looks out for his friends and wont cheat to win. Tyson is one tough Beyblader, but there are somethings that he can learn to get even better!
After their win at the World Championship, the Bladebreakers are challenged by The Demolition Boys! Tyson and his crew head to The Demolition Boys fortress to battle each and everyone of them till they get to the top! Tyson must then face their cold! calculating! and super powerful leader, Tala!

Volume 7

Tyson has a passion for Beyblades and he is determined to be the best! but he is also a great guy who looks out for his friends and wont cheat to win. Even though he's one of the toughest Beyblader's on the scene, he still takes his share of hard knocks. learning from these losses is what makes Tyson stronger all the time!
Tyson's Dragoon leaps to an even greater power level after the magnacore placed inside it combines with Tyson's Beyblading passion! he then face's off against a new set of opponents, The Saint Shields. Ray and Max come to fight by the Tyson's side, but Ray's Bit-Beast, The White Tiger, is sucked away and could be lost forever. Tyson and the boys then go on a quest to get the White Tiger back!.

Volume 8

Tyson and Ray combine their strength in a heated battle to break the Saint Shields seal and release Ray's Driger. Then Cain, a genius Blader with an IQ of 200, destroys all of the Saint Shields Beyblades in order to punish them for treason. Tyson then learns that the professor helped create the Cyber Dragoon Beyblade that Cain is using in order to battle Tyson. Tyson decides to accept the professor's challenge and battle Cain!.  

Volume 9

While Tyson is training for the next big competition, he meets an intense new Beyblader named Zeo, his Beyblade, The Burning Cerberus, seems to pack unlimited power! when Kai and Zeo battle to win each others Bit-Beast, will Kai lose his Bit-Beast forever? then Doctor Zaggarts mysterious relationship to Zeo is revealed!.

Volume 10

With the new formation of the BBA comes a new formation of the Bladbreakers team! but not everyone is excited about the changes. This causes a major rift between two of the top Bladebreakers, causing one of them to join a rival team!.

Volume 11

With Kai joining The Demolition Boys and Tyson and Daichi turning against each other in the Beyblade World Tournament, the fate of the BBA Bladebreakers is uncertain. Can Tyson bring the team together again? and is his friendship with over for good?. 

Volume 12

Tyson, Daichi, and the cheif learn that a new type of advanced Beyblade will be used in the third stage of the great Beyblade cup. But these Beyblade use Heavy-Metal technology-making them almost impossible to control! on the opposing team, Tyson's friend Ray has developed an aggressive new battling style. What has caused this transformation in his personality? and more important, who will claim victory?!  

Volume 13

Tyson is shocked to learn that the powerful Demolition Boys have been defeated by the Barthez Battalion, a team that lost its first and second round matches. It turns out that these Bladers have equiped their Beyblades with secret weapons that rip their opponents Beyblades to shreds! now the BBA Revolution must go up against these fierce competetors. How will they claim victory against such treachery?.

Volume 14

Its down to the final battle in the GBC-The ultimate test to see which team will earn the title of the Beyblade World Champions! Tyson's Grandfather and friends start celebrating victory before the final battle even takes place-but will the BBA Revolution actually win?!