Tyson Granger

Name (Japanese): Takao Kinomiya
Name (English): Tyson Granger

Beyblade 2000 age: 12 (turns to 13 on episode 7)
Beyblade V-Force age: 14
Beyblade G-Revolution age: 15

Bit-Beast: Dragoon (Seiryuu)

Bio: Tyson is a strong-willed kid who is not afraid to speak his mind and in so doing, he seems to get into more trouble than most kids his age. He is a very emotional person, and quite often worries about his friends, causing him to become angry when they are harmed in any way. Tyson isn't a born leader, yet because of his magnetic personality and self-confidence, many seem to gravitate toward him. No situation is too risky for Tyson, and he often relies on nothing more than luck in a beybattle. His style of playing is aggressive and offensive.